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About Kanguru

Kanguru is a market-leader with a 25+ year history of unique creations to meet storage evolution and the needs of technology users. Inventive and highly-secure data storage solutions are their calling card, impacting several sectors globally such as Government, Defence, Financial, Healthcare, Education.

Defender® hardware encrypted drives

Kanguru is a renowned leader in delivering credited hardware encrypted secure USB flash drives, external hard drives/SSDs, portable USB storage devices, remote management applications, Kanguru duplicators, and more.
Their Defender® Series of secure USB, hardware-encrypted flash drives, hard drives, and solid-state drives provide a simple route to data security through a range of affordable choices and remote management capabilities. Fit for any budget, the drives arrive with encryption in-built with the option of a fully-integrated, onboard World-Class AntiVirus by BitDefender®.

Kanguru Remote Management Console™ (KRMC™)

KRMC is a robust method for businesses to manage secure USB devices containing sensitive data. A powerful program, it enables Security Officers and IT administrators to better track the whereabouts of their encrypted USB devices from anywhere in the world, as well as monitor, enforce security policies, enable or even disable USB drives if needed.
Whether through a protected Cloud interface hosted by Kanguru, or the organisation's server, explore the remarkable benefits that KRMC offers to improve your data security management. 

Kanguru Duplicators

Most Kanguru Duplicators are stand-alone devices with no requirement for a computer to operate. Whether you need to duplicate DVDs, Blu-ray discs, CDs, Hard Drives, SSDs, USB, or NVMe, experience a guaranteed simple, quick, and smooth duplication process. With a large and flexible variety of elite and affordable duplicators to fit all budgets and needs, Kanguru has an option for you.

Kanguru Hardware Encrypted USB Drives with Trusted, Digitally-Signed, Secure Firmware

Working from home means it is more important than ever organizations protect their infrastructure from malware, spyware and viruses.  Kanguru not only provides the very best in hardware encrypted, secure USB drives, but takes protection to another level with on-board RSA-2048 digitally-signed secure firmware.  This built-in firmware protection means advanced protection from the potential risk of malicious, third-party firmware-based attacks known as “badUSB”. 

For organizations that worry about the possibility of third-party malware tampering through USB peripherals, you can be assured the Kanguru Defender Series of secure USB drives provide a trusted, robust defense against malicious attacks to your organization's infrastructure. This trust makes Kanguru secure firmware USB drives ideal for whitelisting in endpoint security environments.  If a third-party hacker were to try to tamper with the USB drive to deliver malware to a network by plugging it in, the USB drive would simply shut down, as it is consistently verified through a self-test on start-up.

Non-encrypted flash drives

Kanguru’s USB drives are designed to provide convenience and increased portability. They deliver SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and SuperSpeed+ USB 3.1 Gen 2 compatibility, enormous storage space, and incredibly high transfer speeds to help you tackle tasks of any size. Most drives come with a protect switch included to enable easy locking and unlocking of valuable information to guard against accidental overwriting.
From business applications to personal home use, Kanguru has a data storage solution for you.

Optical Drives

Discover high-speed CD, DVD, and Blu-ray burning with Kanguru’s DVD and Blu-ray RW Drives, maximised for PC, Notebook & Mac users. These optical drives facilitate SuperSpeed USB3.0 and are backwards compatible with USB2.0, delivering plug and play connectivity and rapid data transfer for a seamless CD, DVD, and Blu-ray burning experience.

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