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About Netmotion

More than a technology company

NetMotion is a software company, but it’s so much more than that. Founded in 2001 when mobile was far less pervasive than today, for the last 20 years we’ve obsessed over improving the lives of remote workers everywhere. Today more than one million workers and 3000 organizations rely on our technologies to stay productive, secure and connected.

And we’re more than just a VPN…





Demand More from Your VPN



Unlike legacy VPNs, NetMotion is software-based and has been developed specifically with remote workers in mind. Regardless of device, application and network connection, NetMotion delivers an always-on experience for users, persisting connectivity and enabling users to focus on the task at hand.


Why NetMotion VPN?



Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)



NetMotion DEM provides real-time data about the device, application and network performance in a single pane of glass. So, when things go wrong for remote workers, NetMotion provides help desk teams with a diagnostics snapshot to facilitate swift resolution.

Why NetMotion DEM?



Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP)



NetMotion SDP analyzes every single request by remote workers using dynamic, contextual data about each device to authorize access. Unwanted and risky connections are blocked, keeping users safe from online threats and risky content.


Why NetMotion SDP?


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