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About Eizo


‘EIZO’ Japanese for ‘image’ is also the name of one of the UK’s fastest growing and world leading manufacturers of high-end visual solutions. EIZO has been designing and building technology solutions for over 50 years, with the aim to produce the best possible solution for each area of application.

That is why EIZO products can be found wherever exceptional image quality is desired or is absolutely necessary. This includes: back offices, hospitals, flight safety centres, design and photo studios, ship bridges, architecture firms, stock exchanges and Air traffic control.


Monitors and other products used in video surveillance need to be durable, reliable and maintain these qualities throughout 24/7 use. EIZO solutions boast excellent image quality and a high degree of reliability, making them the perfect choice for use in video security systems (VSS/CCTV).

That’s why EIZO’s portfolio offers the right solution for any application: from IP decoding monitors with integrated hardware decoding and flexible installations with IP decoding boxes to digital and analogue monitors with image optimisation functions.

An overview of the advantage of EIZO solutions for video surveillance:
  • Suitable for 24/7 use
  • High reliability and long product life cycle
  • Perfect solution for use in business, buildings, underground carparks, outdoor areas, access controls and many other scenarios
  • IP monitors and IP decoding boxes can be connected to surveillance cameras and systems without a computer
  • Improved detection capabilities thanks to optimised image reproduction (for example, via low-light correction)


IP decoding solutions that are easy to install and can be operated without a computer Using a computer for video surveillance can frequently prove undesirable, or even impossible due to space limitations. EIZO IP decoding solutions address this very issue by offering a variety of solutions for a wide range of applications: from the complete solution with IP decoding monitors, including integrated image optimisation functions, to the extremely flexible IP decoding box that can be combined with nearly any monitor in different screen diagonals and resolutions of up to 4K UHD.

Perfect solution for in wall and on wall installations 

Connection to IP video surveillance system without a computer

Suitable for 24/7 use

High reliability and long product life cycle


Reliable monitor solutions for use in shipping

Given the many technical devices used in shipping, the ECDIS, radar, management, and control (conning and automation) monitors must meet very specific requirements. Colour accuracy, high resolutions, robustness, and reliability are particularly important.

Excellent Image Quality

The DuraVision models owe their exceptional image quality to high-quality components and innovative production techniques, such as optical bonding. This means better visibility and longer she lf lives when used in extreme conditions.

Exceptional Quality

EIZO DuraVision monitors are suitable for the temperature, moisture, and vibration conditions prevalent on ships in accordance with IEC 60945 and are also certified for ECDIS and radar use. Only high quality can ensure the lowest error rates and maximum reliability.

Maximum Reliability

EIZO places the emphasis on quality assurance in all areas. Even during the production of a monitor, checks and, where necessary, corrections are performed time and time again after individual assembly steps. Instead of random sample checks, each individual device is commissioned, calibrated, and gaged before delivery.


Meeting the Needs of Any ATC Environment

EIZO provides air traffic control centres, towers, and training & simulation facilities with the most extensive line-up of monitors, recording & streaming solutions, and graphics boards in the industry.

Primary Control Monitors

EIZO‘s line of 2K × 2K and 4K × 2K resolution primary control monitors offer the superior image quality, functionality, and reliability needed
for any mission-critical controller workstation.

Tower Monitors

The monitor with excellent readability of text and images in both bright and dim ambient lighting conditions—ideal for tower applications.

Auxiliary Monitors

EIZO‘s extensive range of auxiliarymonitors provides control centres, towers, and training & simulationfacilities with high quality solutions that meet the diverse requirements of each environment.

Encoding & Streaming Solutions

Re/Vue video encoding and streaming solutions feature industry-leading lossless compression and redundant components, providing accuracy and dependability for ATC, training & simulation, and command & control environments.

Primary Control Graphics Boards

The 4th generation Raptor Series of high-resolution graphics boards and associated drivers are developed in-house by EIZO staff for air traffic control. With multi-resolution support, high configurable, and reliability with an innovative passive heatsink cooling system, these graphics boards meet the specificationsrequired for any mission-critical environment.

Data Capture & Content Management Solutions

SafeGuard is a end-to-end system that provides a highly secure archive supporting the management, analysis, and distribution of data for industries facilitating Post Incident Investigation, Search & Rescue Operations, Training & Performance Analysis, and Verification & Validation.


Multiple Touch Panel Technology

A touch panel‘s characteristics differ greatly depending on the method used to sense touch input. EIZO offers a variety of touch technologies to suit your needs.


EIZO‘s extensive range of touch panel monitors includes sizes from 10.4 to 25.5 inches for meeting the specifications of any installation.